He executes justice for the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free, the LORD gives sight to the blind, he lifts up those who are bowed down, the LORD loves those who live justly. The LORD watches over the immigrant and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked. -Psalm 146:7-9

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Acts 1:8

..."but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses.....

boy, has a lot happen sense the last time I wrote...so much that I will only tell about the MOST EXCITING thing that has my heart overspilling DAILY!

We started our evening worship services in our neighborhood..they have been the most encouraging times I have had!( for those of you don't know..as a part of our ministry the guys are doing a church plant) The two guys that I told you about that have recently gave their lives to the LORD shared the most amazing thing last sunday...They shared how they wanted to take the gospel to the younger boys in our neighborhood and teach them the same truths that our husbands are teaching them at the moment! They continue on talking about how they were willing to go to the homes of the younger crowd and get the parents permission for their sons to do a bible study with them.. they expressed how they never had anyone when they were that age to share bible truths with them so they wanted to give the younger kids something they didn't have!!! WOW!!!!!!
As one of our new brothers in the faith shared their heart tears just streamed down my face and all I could think about was 2 Timothy 2:2 that says:.."And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others"..... God is amazing!!! i mean, I have never experienced younger believers being so thirsty and satisfied with God! yes, these young men have a lot of growing to do...but to see that no one ask them to do this..it was not indoctrinated into their hearts by some program or campus ministry( even if it the LORD decided to use that method.. that would be ok) the LORD decided to show us himself beyond the walls of a program....its amazing because here we are staring possibly the future DEACONS and ELDERS of our church plant..Only God and the HOLY Spirit can relinquish that type of power to make sinners want to do work such as this..I am seriously humbled by this experience....

God was at work in the hood ya'll way before we got there... What a privilege it is to join Him at work
please continue to pray that these two young men to grow and endure in the Faith