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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Top four goodies eaten in the Hood

well.. I would like to dedicate this post to all my hood eaters out there...The goodies that l name on this list are just a few favorites that you will find in your nearest urban city (and abroad).. here goes...

#4 Now and Later (sometimes pronounced "nah layders"..thanks Keish) lol

yes, as a urban kid this was one of my favorite as well...my brother and I use to love running to the neighbors house who sold candy and buying these babies buy the bunch..we would then place them in the freezer and then eat them when they were hard. I am really surprised we have as many teeth as we do today..FYI: The Now and Later® name was meant to suggest to children they could, “Eat some now, and save some for later.” ® However, many also liken the name to the fact that the candy is, “Hard and fruity now, soft and chewy later.” ®...clearly we did our own thang :)

#3 The Chick O Stick
(Sometimes known as Chico Stick)


How did the Chick-O-Stick get its name? The real answer has probably been lost in our corporate history, but here’s one account by Eric Atkinson, President of the company.

Generally, when we began making Chick-O-Sticks in the late 1930’s, that kind of candy was traditionally known as “Chicken Bones”. Back in those days, Atkinson candy was distributed only inside the State of Texas. In the 1950’s, Atkinson Candy Company began distributing their candy nationally and discovered that another company already owned the rights to the name “Chicken Bones” (and that’s probably a good thing). Our then Vice President of Sales, J. Powell Ware, working with Joe Atkinson and an artist for the box company, somehow came up with the name Chick-O-Stick..…and it stuck!

Why “Chicken Bones” in the first place? Well, one thing is certain about that – there is no chicken in a Chick-O-Stick! Our best guess is that the toasted coconut on the outside of the candy gives the appearance of a piece of fried chicken. ..

#2 Hot MaMa Pickle

This is one of my favorites!!! Coming up on the south side of Chicago, we as kids craved a good spicy pickle with a pepermint to go along with it!! LOL! (a little FYI :there is a whole pickle family-Little Pepe, of course Hot Mama, Big Papa, Sour Sis, and Garlic Gus..lol) you can check them out at: http://www.vanholtenpickles.com/

and now ladies and gentleman...(i wonder if there are any gentlemen reading..if so...hi!) the moment you have all waited for..the #1 goody that is loved by child, man, and woman alike...they are a must in our home when we have tons of people over..thats right you have guessed it........

#1 Chicken WINGS!!!!

yes.. I will be preparing these babies tomorrow.. of course.... its super bowl sunday!!! The wing is enjoyed so much that some one decided to write a song about them..I will leave you with this to enjoy! :) you know I am always wanting to encourage you, so I hope that this finds you lickin fingers and dipping in Ranch Dressing

**PLEASE NOTE THIS VIDEO IS OFF the metor for funny!!! ( this is all in fun people..)
SANG MZ Peaches!! ROTF!!