He executes justice for the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free, the LORD gives sight to the blind, he lifts up those who are bowed down, the LORD loves those who live justly. The LORD watches over the immigrant and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked. -Psalm 146:7-9

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Day To Remember

My birthday was the most emotional day I have ever had. ( I think) In spite of the spiritual warfare i believe I was involved in, the LORD still wanted to show me how much He cared and loved me ( thanks for the reminder D). D and I started the day off with our Girls Camp, we decided at the last minute to take the girls skating with the guys. It was fun! I love skating, its was my favorite thing to do in Chicago on saturday nights!! Anyway, first sign of the LORD showing me He wanted this day filled with joy for me was when the owner of the rink ( who goes to church with us) announced it was a birthday today and wanted the birthday girl to skate to the middle of the rink so that all the kids could sing happy birthday to me. ( now that I think about it.. I wonder how he knew it was my b-day?? ) i go out to the middle of the rink and half of the kids from Westcott skate around me to sing happy birthday.. I couldn't help but feel emotional.. I love those kids so much, and to see the love and smiles they had on their faces for me just encouraged my socks off. You know in the hood, TRUST is a big thing. It takes time, and energy, and trust in the LORD to show these little ones that you are not fill with broken promises. That you will not abandon them, that you do really love them, and that you really do care about how they feel. I pray that the LORD continues to use CGM to be a light to this neighborhood.
Moving on, we later loaded up all the cars and headed to Friendship Church. Friendship is a church/homeless shelter that ministers to the poor in the montgomery area. The staff there cooks for the guys camp every thursday and so Bk and Kevin asked us to join them with all the girls. That was great! Lunch was so good and the kids really enjoyed it!
A very close friend of mine works there as a cook, she informed the staff there that it was my birthday and before you know it.. I have this guy singing Happy BIrthday to me through a cone!!! It was so sweet and funny! They even surprised me with a cake!!
Wow, Jesus!

To bring this post to a close, this surprise was the biggest and the one I enjoyed the most.. ( no offense to all those that had something to do with the others :)
My husband told me to be ready by 6pm because we had special reservations somewhere..hmmmm
SO, he told me that we were going to the movies and I watched him pay for our tickets on line, so i was wondering why is he rushing? We dropped Kaiya off down the street at the Kelly ( who are forever faithful in babysitting for us, we love them so much) and while dropping her off, kevin asks Delta to blind fold me.. wait.. are you serious??? Of course I am asking all type of questions, so nosey .. my husband asked me to chill and relax and that we will be there in a few.. Okay, I'm still wondering, why is this boy blind folding me to take me to the movies???

SO, in the car, I can hear him taping all that we are talking about, he just started asking me random questions about what I thought was going on. THat was fun... Finally we stop and he tells me that we have to stop to get gas. I am left sitting in the car for about 6 minutes, I hear voices but not sure who they are.. then I hear him sound as if he is placing the nozzle inside the gas tank... Then I hear him 2 minutes later walk over to my side of the car and open the door. He tells me that there are people in the gas station that wanted to see me, because according to him, they could not believe i was blind folded ( ok, as I type, I am thinking, clearly the LORD did not want me to know what was going on, because I cant believe I fell for that one )

I get out of the car and kevin guides me to where he wants me to go. Not realizing it then, we stepped onto some grass and I hear the sound of splashing water.. what in the world is going on??? As we get closer, I hear someone playing a keyboard and singing the most beautiful song I have heard ( it was an original that she had written her self). Kevin sits me down, takes my shoes off and then he removes my blind fold..
I open my eyes and I beheld the most romantic scene that I have ever experienced. We are outside at one of the most beautiful and peaceful parks in montgomery.. This area is filled with big trees, a water fountain, and plush grass. I am sitting on a blanket surrounded by candles and live music! oh, it was so sweet!! I could not believe that he would do this for me.. I was in tears, like I just could not believe this..
There on the blanket, I had a fresh bouquet of multi color roses and a gourmet dinner. My friend that I told you about that worked at Friendship church is in culinary school so you can just image what dinner taste like. She had there waiting for us to eat and enjoy, as an appetizer fresh shrimp marinating in a Creole sauce, and for the main dish- Fresh steam broccoli, macaroni salad, rolls and Crab legs with a special butter sauce for dipping. yum!! I love CRAB!! And kevin knew that, he did such an outstanding job in the details.. he is so detailed oriented! The girls left us to enjoy our time together and it was so sweet. The park that we sat at was set up to look just like the place we had our first official date. My husband, I mean, I cant even begin to talk about how much I love him. What a servant!!

Five minutes or so before we were done eating, our friend/cook returned and take up all our things and clean up so that we could head to the movies.. it was such a relaxing, romantic night!! THank you so much Kevin for being such a representation of Christ for me. In your servanthood and thoughtfulness there is no room for me to believe that CHrist is not thinking about me and not singing over me with joy. Your sacrificial love throughout our marriage, provokes me to cling to CHRIST and not the things of this world. What a joy, and privilege to know that I have this life to spend with you here on earth, and look forward to the life in eternity.. I love you so much. Thank you for having great patience with me, and loving me in spite of my sin! I pray that we do not WASTE our Marriage, by not living out the gospel in our every day lives. THank you for making my 30th birthday one to remember :)