He executes justice for the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free, the LORD gives sight to the blind, he lifts up those who are bowed down, the LORD loves those who live justly. The LORD watches over the immigrant and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked. -Psalm 146:7-9

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jesus and Nothing Else

Defeated, discouraged , & down. Yup, the 3 D's is what I feel right now. (wow, and this is my Thanksgiving post..so sadd) I just want the LORD!! Can I share that? Can I tell you how I am so tired of Americanized Christianity, so tired of missing out on God's goodness & presence because of my own selfishness, unrighteous anger, moodiness, and or complaining spirit. As I was writing in my journal and crying out to God, the following song lyrics welled up in my heart:

I Need More Of You (More Than The Air I Need To Breathe)
I Need More Of You (More Than The Water That I Drink)
more Of You (I Need You So Much Jesus)

I Need More Of You (More Than My Eyes I Use To See)
I Need More Of You (More Than My Heart That Needs To Beat)
more Of You (I Need The Risen Savior)
you (I Need The Lord Of Lords)
you (I Need You So Much More)
(I Need You More And More)

oh Lord I'm Chasin,my Soul Is Thirsty,oh Lord Please Fill Me...and When You Have Filled To The Top please Give Me Some More and I'll Still Want More....can't Get Enough Lord

I Need More Of You (More Than The Earth Beneath My Feet)
I Need More Of You (I Need You More Than Anything)
more Of You (I Need The Lord Of All)
you (I Need You Most Of All)
you (I Need You More)

That's just it. I NEED Jesus, I don't want NOTHING ELSE sprinkled on top, added, or removed. I just WANT THE LORD and a CLEAN HEART to serve HIM LIKE I SHOULD. I am asking HIM to revive me tonight in so many areas where I am dead. God, knows I am THANKFUL for the Holy Spirit and the words " He who began a good work in YOU will complete it". Oh Father how I really really believe that. Show yourself STRONG!!

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit ,a broken and contrite heart,

O God, you will not despise- Psalm 51:17