He executes justice for the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free, the LORD gives sight to the blind, he lifts up those who are bowed down, the LORD loves those who live justly. The LORD watches over the immigrant and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked. -Psalm 146:7-9

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad aint Good

We are three weeks into our evangelistic bible study with the teen girls in our neighborhood. I can't even begin to explain to you the burden delta and I are feeling for these girls. To recap, this is what our talks have been about:
Week 1: we allowed the girls to describe to us their "perfect man". We then used that time to teach them about the character of God and how Christ has all those character qualities that they are looking for.
Week 2: We discussed "How do you view Jesus and God?" Jesus has to either be "Liar, Lunatic, or LORD". Which is He to you?
Which brings us to Week 3, which was this past Wednesday. Our discussion that night was on How does God view man?
Basically we lead the girls through many bible passages on the deceitfulness of the heart, and SIN.( not doing things because you "feel" like doing them) We discussed many verses in Romans such as 3:23;6:23, and 10:9. In addition we also discussed what exactly does it mean to be a christian and call JESUS LORD of your life.We really didn't want these girls to leave my house without having a clear picture of where they stood before the LORD. Delta and I are not sure what the LORD is doing in their hearts, we really have no clue. When we talk to them it's like pulling teeth at times. I invited them to church with us on Sunday, and how about they all came. I was encouraged about that, they even told me afterwards that they really enjoyed it and that they wouldn't mind returning.WOW!
At the end of the bible study I asked the girls to write down for me any prayer request, questions or comments about our study..
I also told them not to feel any pressure in writing their names on the paper.. here are some of the things they said:

".....please pray that my parents would stop taking me and my sister through this( she didn't specify what "this" was) ...pray for all the sins surrounding me and the sins that are within me ....."

"....just pray for me and my family..I love ya'll so much,ya'll are really the best thing that happened to me so just pray for me and my family"

"yes I have sin but the more I try to do right thing time after time something just keeps going wrong. I wish I was better but I think 2 get me where I need 2 be in life and have God in my life is to leave home .There not much in my home about God"

Three out of the five in our study is pregnant. Two have suffered a miscarriage. The youngest is 16. The oldest is 19. All five are searching for significance, fulfillment, love and acceptance, through boys, money, and sex. The power of the HOLY SPIRIT, and the LOVE of Christ are the only things that can break them free from their master-SIN. Please continue to pray for our relationships with these girls. Pray most importantly that they will come to grips with CHRIST all satisfying LOVE for them and that they will break the cycle of teenage pregnancy.
The song below was what I used as an introduction to our study. I had the lyrics printed out and we discussed the wages of sin... (see lyrics below music player.. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS...so relevant to the culture)

God is at work my friends.. pray that delta and I will always remember that :)

BAD AINT GOOD by : Flame

Bad Aint Good - Flame
**please note these are just the lyrics of the last verse in the song:

".....The Bible calls it sin
You see that's our nature
It's like a pig in a pin
They'll pass a steak up
Just to eat slop
Cause that's what pigs eat
And see we pig people
So we like seeing meat
That's why we run to wrong
Because it feels right
Sin's got our mind gone
We break through this omen through Christ
See it's got our affections and it's got our desires
The more we run into sin it's like fueling the fire
And just like a fire
It's never satisfied
And it's been burning everything around since Adam died
When he ate from the fruit
In the garden of Eden
Genesis 3, but we get a pardon through Jesus
John 3:16 is the heart of this freedom
See those are Bible chapters
I pray to God that you read them
Trust me, while you still in the hood
You can get made right and wrong won't keep feeling good"