Business For The Glory Of God- The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business

Growing up and  watching my mom in the salon business I was exposed early on how cut throat the industry was  I currently work in. So much negative competition, (at least what I thought was negative), back bitting, people trying to "steal"each other clients, slandering of stylist,etc..  I mean it was a mess.

As a believer, I know ultimately everything I do is for the glory of God, but growing and learning what that means on the job was a totally different thing for me. Which leads me to share with you something I've been readying.

Business For The Glory Of God by Wayne Grudem.

 Mr. Grudem breaks down 9 areas (and uses scripture) strongly to show his readers what it would look like practically to honor God in Business.

Headings/Topics he hit up in his book are: Ownership, Productivity, Employment, Commercial Transaction, Profit, Money, Inequality of Posseessions, Competition, Borrowing and Lending, Attitudes of Heart and lastly Effect on World Poverty.

This book played such a paramount role in where I am today as a helper to my husband, missionary and business woman. I'm so thankful for the friend that invited me to read this with her. It has literally changed how I look at business. I highly recommend all business owners read this.
I would like to leave you with a lesson from one area in his book that struck a cord with me because it's the heart behind why I'm doing what I'm doing as a stylist .

In chapter 11- The Effects on World Poverty Grudem begins to challenge his readers to think about the poor, those who own almost nothing, who cannot buy, sell, make a profit, or have no opportunity to compete. Just what good is all this to them?
We all know short term solution would be give food, give clothing and we know this is right. However, as I've learned through my years of urban ministry this is NOT a  long term solution because the food will eventually be eaten and the clothing will wear out! (I'm just saying)

Grudem makes the powerful point that the long term solution to world poverty is BUSINESS. Business as we know produce goods, and JOBS. Hello!
I can agree when he says it's these businesses that will help us to see long term solutions to the poverty in many of our communities. We know there are many obstacles to this happening in impoverished areas. It's not as easy as one would think as I'm learning. The government plays a role in this and that's something we as a church must figure out how to fight for those who are trying to break free of many generational curses. My prayer is that our government would favor and encourage  good, ethical, fair business practices for all.  Because we know this ultimately is  what glorifies God.

While I love what I do and enjoy it to the fullest, my hearts desire is to see my community changed through the gospel,  economic development and education. Owning a salon business in my community, reminding people of their value/worth  and providing jobs is how I want to fight poverty in my city.

This book has inspired me to continue the fight for justice in these areas. I look forward with HOPE that comes from the simple truth that my God is able to do above and beyond what we could ever think it imagine.